Breathe Carolina On The Cover Of Alternative Press

Hey Everyone!

We’re excited to announce that Breathe Carolina are going to be on the cover of Alternative Press’ “100 Bands You Need To Know” issue. This is a huge accomplishment for the band and we’re so proud of them. Thank you to all the team members that have helped promote this band since the beginning, you all played a big part in this band’s success! The magazine comes out on March 6th and we want to make sure everyone knows. Please help us by participating in this Street Team exclusive contest.

Mission Details

Start Date: Feb 16th

End Date: March 6th

Grand Prize: 3 teamers will be selected to win a signed copy of this issue from the band + the runner up prize pack.

Runner Up Prize Pack: 10 teamers will be selected to win a signed Breathe Carolina poster + a Breathe Carolina sticker pack.

**Please make sure you complete all the following tasks and submit a screenshot for each of them to be eligible to win the prizes!**

1) Join the Breathe Carolina Alternative Press Cover Facebook Event Page, which will be posted later this week. Look for posts about it on the Fearless Street Team Facebook Page. (1 screenshot)

2) Invite at least 5 of your friends to the Event Page. The more the merrier though. (at least 5 screenshots)

3) Share the photo of the cover from Alternative Press’ photo album on Facebook (1 screenshot)

4) Leave a comment on the article that revealed the cover on (1 screenshot)

5) Re-Tumble Breathe Carolina’s post on Tumblr about being on the cover. Make sure you tag #Breathe Carolina, #Hell Is What You Make It, #Alternative Press, & #Fearless Records (1 screenshot)

6) Vote for Breathe Carolina in the AP Reader’s chart. (1 screenshot)

7) Do at least one CREATIVE type of promotion to let your friends and followers know that Breathe Carolina will be on the cover of AP’s “100 Bands You Need To Know ” issue. This can be anything from a YouTube promo to a giant banner in your dorms. (1 screenshot)

Total: At least 10 screenshots

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