Breathe Carolina - ‘Savages’ Mission Series: ‘Savages’ Pre-Order Mission

Hey Teamers! 

As you all may know, Breathe Carolina is set to release their new album - Savages on April 15th! Many of you have been anticipating the pre-orders to become available, and today is the day! Fans are now able to pre-order Savages in both physical and digital form! Be sure to check out all the awesome bundles on their MerchNOW store and be one of the first to watch the new music video for “Sellouts (feat. Danny Worsnop)”! In addition to the physical pre-order, the band also has a digital pre-order on iTunes which includes an instant download of “Sellouts (feat. Danny Worsnop)”!  


Please check out this mission to see how you can get involved with spreading the word on the pre-orders. This will be the first mission in the Savages Mission Series. Every mission will focus on a new element of the upcoming release. Each mission you will also be eligible to win specific weekly prizes, but please keep in mind this is a mission series and there is a prize bundle at the end based on your involvement! Make sure you complete multiple missions as outlined and work your way towards a prize bundle that will feature a street team exclusive item! 

Mission Overview

Mission: Savages Pre-Order Mission 

Due Date: March 3rd 

Prize: ’Savages’ glow in the dark bracelet!  

Savages Mission Series Prizing System:

-Complete 3/5 missions plus the street mission and you will receive: a ‘Savages’ prize pack! 

-Complete 5/5 missions plus the street mission you will receive: a ‘Savages’ prize pack PLUS you will also be eligible to receive a special item to be announced later in the mission series. 

Note: You must complete at least two weekly online missions (such as this one) before you are eligible to sign-up for the street mission. Full details on the street mission will be released in the coming weeks. 

Important Links

Savages MerchNOW pre-orders:

Savages on iTunes:  

'Savages' Album Artwork:  

Mission Details

Alternative Press / Buzznet:

-‘Like’ & leave a positive and genuine comment on your choice of Alternative Press or Buzznet's news post about the “Sellouts” Music Video. (1 screenshot)


-Give Savages a five star rating and positive review! The band has already released a few new tracks off the upcoming album such as “Sellouts”, and is also playing some new tracks on the We Are Savages Tour such as “Collide”. Let’s fill the new album with some positive and genuine reviews to encourage people to pick-up the new album on release day. (1 screenshot)


-DAY ONE: Post a picture of your favoriteSavages pre-order bundle off MerchNOW. Let your friends know why you like that bundle the best, and encourage them to check out the bundles! Tag the band in your post and include the link to their MerchNOW store - there your friends can watch Breathe Carolina’s “Sellouts (Feat. Danny Worsnop)” Music Video! (1 screenshot)

-DAY TWO: Message two friends that might become potential fans of Breathe Carolina (via private message) and briefly talk to them about Breathe Carolina and how great their music is. Ask them to check out their pre-orders off MerchNOW. If their response is positive let them know Breathe Carolina has a new album coming out this spring and how excited you are for it. Please avoid talking to anyone that is already a fan of the band, the point is to find new potential fans of the band! Also, be careful how you’re wording your conversation so you don’t sound like you’re sending spam - be genuine and excited to show your friends some awesome new music! Hopefully they catch Breathe Carolina at the We Are Savages Tour or Warped Tour with you. (2 screenshots)


-DAY ONE: Tweet about the Savages pre-order and let your followers know about your favorite bundle on MerchNOW and what you like most about it. Tag @BreatheCarolina #Savages etc (1 screenshot)

-DAY TWO: Tweet about how excited you are forSavages to release on April 15th and how great the new songs (that you’ve heard so far) have been i.e. “Sellouts”, “Savages”, “Mistakes”. Tag @BreatheCarolina #Savages (1 screenshot) 


-Create a blog post to build some hype about the upcoming release of Savages! Your post should include the album cover for Savages, your favorite MerchNOW bundle and a current photo of the band (live photos are ok)! Encourage everyone to check out Breathe Carolina’s pre-order bundles on MerchNOW and what your favorite item is. Include pre-order links and tag #Breathe Carolina #Sellouts #Savages #Fearless Records #Danny Worsnop and other relevant tags. Make sure your post is appealing so other users are re-blogging your post! (1 screenshot)


-Instagram a picture of your favorite bundle forSavages on MerchNOW and why you like it so much. Encourage your followers to check out the pre-order and include the link to the MerchNOW store! Tag @BreatheCarolina and use hash tags #BreatheCarolina #Savages #FearlessRecords etc and any other relevant hash tags. If you do not have Instagram, please use Twitter as an alternative. (1 screenshot) 


-Find a unique and creative way to promote the pre-order for Savages! What do you think will be the best way to draw some positive attention to the pre-orders that will get people to check out band? This can either be an online or street task! Consider designing your notebook to look like theSavages album artwork, create a short and fun commercial (maximum of 30 seconds) about the pre-order and share it with friends, create a Flipagram with all the pre-order bundles, post a picture of a jar with money you’re saving up for a ‘Savages’ pre-order bundle that you designed with the Savages album artwork! So many options, right? Make sure you’re including key information like the album name, release date etc and that you’re putting effort into your creative work. You’re all capable of really unique and effective promotions, put your skills to the test! (1+ screenshot/ picture minimum) 

Total Screenshots/ Pictures: 10

Note: We want your posts to reach the peak amount of friends/ followers, please make sure you’re making your posts during peak times when most your friends are online. You should also space out your posts over the next week.